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So, who is this guy?

Luke Dingle is a talented, experienced web programmer living in Sydney, Australia. When not coding for work he's coding for fun. If he's not coding for fun, he's encoding light into photos, sound into wave files or thoughts into words, but he tells you all this below.


Sydney, Australia

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  • Python
  • Django
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery, d3 & Angular.js
  • Bootstrap & LESS
  • Amazon Web Services
  • SQL — MySQL, Postgres, SQLite
  • Asynchronous technologies
  • Apache, Nginx, WSGI
  • Headless *nix server administration
  • … too many to list
  • … so many more to learn
  • Photography
  • Poetry & creative writing
  • Piano & ukulele
  • Cricket
Luke Dingle, age 30

I started dabbling in web development at the age of 19 when my younger brother, giggling menacingly, called me into his room and suggested I watch his computer screen. He punched a few characters into Notepad and moments later — accompanied by Windows XP's trademark bing — an Internet Explorer alert swore at me. Terrified and offended by my brother's new power, I decided it was important I learn how to counter his wizardry.

In twenty minutes, I made my computer swear at my brother. In an hour I was hooked on web scripting. In twelve months I had learned javascript, HTML & CSS, earned Zend Certification for PHP and begun a Bachelor of Applied Sciences.

Every second of my free time was spent learning how to code and program for the web. I created programs to streamline processes for my employer, Qantas Airways, receiving their highest award for innovation. I contributed to Open Source communities, joined forums so I could help people find answers to questions I did not know, and began to see programming as more than just a hobby.

In April of 2008 I was successful in my application for a Junior PHP Developer position with Additional View. By April of 2009, I was Additional View's Lead Python Developer.

I led the development of Group Quality, which began as an Additional View in-house project, and have personally overseen every iteration since its inception in 2009, accepting the Chief Technical Officer position on Group Quality's board in 2012.

I am driven by solving intricate problems with elegant code and my passion for programming increases with every project I complete. I devote considerable free time to community development projects that intersect with my other hobbies like writing and photography.

I pride myself on adaptability, learning new languages, concepts and architectures as required, or before required to maintain flexibility and sate my curiosity.

There will always be more to learn, and I always intend to learn it because there are an infinite number of ways to make a computer swear at a sibling.

And what does he do?







Server conifiguration and admin


Database design and admin


Amazon Web Services Cloud deployment




Latté art


Projects or it didn't happen

Luke has lead development on applications ranging from simple campaign minisites to online, videoconferencing platforms. Luke also builds and manages applications free to use for all, because programming is more than just his job, it's his passion. Here are a few of them.

Lead developer

Group Quality

Group Quality screenshot

Sophisticated, simple to use platform for hosting do-it-yourself, real-time focus groups from the comfort of your web browser.

Lead Developer

Group Quality Surveys

Instant quantitative data at your fingertips.

Lead Developer

Group Quality Discussions

Engaging platform for collecting qualitative data — like a focus group you can drop in and out of.

Lead Developer

Know Me

Online portal allowing children with disabilities, their parents and their caregivers to collate, manage and securely share their important information.


Inkstained Writing Network

Free social writing network that connects writers to readers — no quill necessary.

Lead Developer

Cruise Booking Engine

Custom booking engine for a river cruise company used for online customers, point of sale ticket sale, inventory management and travel agent allocations.

Lead Developer

The Old Woolstore

Online hotel booking engine interfacing with GuestCentrix hotel software.

Front-end Developer


Community driven literary journal founded by volunteers from the Tumblr Writing Community.

Can anyone back this up?

Luke has been working with Additional View and Group Quality since April of 2008 and their directors are more than happy to vouch for him.

"Luke approaches his work with a high level of enthusiasm and enjoys a challenge. His thinking is both creative and logical, which in my experience is a very rare combination. Luke faces new challenges and alternative methods with a high level of professionalism. … I know for any future employer he will be worth his weight in gold!"

Steven Mallows

Director — Group Quality

"Luke is able to work using an agile development methodology, as well as working to a set of structured specification. … Over the last 15 years I have worked with many programmers from all over the world and I would consider Luke to be at the top of the class!"

Ainslie Timbs

Director — Additional View Pty. Ltd.

When can he start?

Luke is currently employed full time, but will talk your ear off if you let him. He's left his details below — don't worry, he won't think you too keen if you call right away.


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